Agilent T2010A LTE Broadband Wireless

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Agilent T2010A LTE Broadband Wireless Test Set with M1MO 2 CELL

Condition : Demo unit, unopened and ready to work

Come with warranty 12 month

Agilent T2010A LTE Broadband Wireless Test Set with the following:

Model : E2010

Eqivalent to Agilent T2010A and Agilent is still support it.

Option installed : M1MO 2 CELL


LTE. FDD. MIMO2X2 License Item for LTE FDD

AWGN License Item for AWGN support true

FADING License Item for fading support true

The E2010 Broadband Wireless Test Set is a state of the art platform that provides all range of multi-technology scenarios in the lifecycle of terminals and meets the needs of early development, R&D, Performance, Conformance and Certification Testing.

Incredibly powerful and flexible at the same time, the E2010 is a one-box solution for the new 3GPP standards. Different applications and personalities running on the E2010 support the new line of AT4 wireless broadband access test systems.

The E2010 combines a flexible MIMO RF interface, supporting current and future frequency bands for diverse wireless technologies, with advanced baseband processing units capable of implementing complex signal processing algorithms and complete cellular protocol stacks.

Powerful Multi-Technology System Simulator

Full coverage of all 3GPP bands and bandwidths (380 MHz to 3 GHz)

Flexible MIMO 2x2, upgradeable to 4x2 and 4x4

Broad range of scenarios: RF, L1, Protocol, Multi-RAT, Multi-Cell

Broad range of applications: R&D, Performance, Conformance

AT4 wireless has combined the experience in testing of over 17 years with the most advanced system designs and architectures to provide the latest test tools for the current demands of broadband multi-RAT wireless networks as Cellular Technologies (2G, 2.5G, 3G, 3.5G and the next generation of 4G), Wi-Fi®, WiMAX™, etc...

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This used item is in excellent working condition.

No accessories are included.