AdirPro Twist Focus Tribrach Optical Plummet

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AdirPro tribrachs offer precise plumbing of surveying instruments and adapters, and have a universal 5/8-11 base plate. These tribrachs meet or exceed the quality and construction standards of leading Japanese, Swiss, and German brands.

As in a tripod, stability in a tribrach is a significant factor in measurement accuracy. The torsional rigidity, the most important criterion of a tribrach, is constantly controlled and tested during its production. The maintenance-free footscrews of AdirPro tribrachs provide movement that is always smooth and free of play, even after years of use. The precise alignment of the support area to the base plate of the instrument assures extremely accurate forced centering. The optical plummet is so robust that adjustment during the entire lifetime of the tribrach is practically unnecessary. Its construction predestines the tribrach for all applications, including extreme temperatures as well as high dust and humidity.

  • Three screw-leveling with center line
  • Footscres have a large diameter for fine adjustment even when wearing gloves
  • Comes without optical plummet
  • 8-minute circular vial
  • 5/8 x 11 base thread
  • Black
  • Weighs 1.66 lb (0.75 kg)