Leica GS09 GPS GNSS RTK rover reciever

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Leica GS09 GPS GNSS network/RTK rover reciever

Condition : Demo unit, unopened and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Included in Package:
- 1 x Leica GS09 GNSS GPS network/RTK smart receiver
- 1 x Leica CS25 field controller tablet data collector with 3G modem, radio, camera & GPS (can be used with SurvPC for RTK or 3G)
- 2 x Leica GEB212 extended range batteries for GS09
- 4 x extended range batteries (2 x complete sets) for CS25
- 1 x Leica GKL211 AC charger adaptor kit for GS09
- 1 x AC charger adaptor kit for CS25
- 1 x Office dual charging station for CS25 batteries
- 2 x 12V car charger adaptor's (1 for GS09 & 1 for CS25)
- User manual, CD etc
- Padded milspec hard field case