GeoMax Zenith 20 GPS Glonass RTK System

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Geomax Zenith 20 GPS L1,L2 and Glonass RTK System
Condition : Demo unit, unopened and ready to work
Come with warranty 12 month
Include :

- GEOMAX Zenith 20, L1, L2 and Glonass GPS RTK base and rover3 batteries
- Charger
- Data collector bracket
- Rover adapter
- Tribrach and
- Tribrach adapter

Features :
GeoMax offers two types of GNSS receivers, the Zenith10 with 72 channels and the Zenith20 with 120 channels. Both receivers can track satellite signals of the GPS and GLONASS type. The Zenith20 additionally supports Galileo. By having access to a maximum number of satellites, positions can be determined at any time, ensuring that GeoMax GNSS works when you do!